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Everyone knows the old saying “Home is where the heart is”. It is also the best place to heal. It is the best place to live with comfort and dignity. Wellness is dependent not only on the person’s medical needs, but the person’s spirit, support system, environment, and their community. People recover and are at their best in the comfort of their own home with their loved ones by their side.

What sets our Agency apart from the rest is that we are true to our mission; Our Goal Is To Exceed Your Expectations. We believe that it is a person’s fundamental right to make choices about their health care, including choosing to live in the comforts of their own home. Our clients have a voice in the decisions about the care they receive. Our Agency can provide immediate access to a variety of services to assist people of all ages and disabilities, regardless of their economic backgrounds, to live a fulfilling life. Our employees are trained to provide the best quality of care in your home, and are sensitive to the needs of children with disabilities and older population who needs assistance. We take a great deal of pride in meeting the clients’ needs and respecting their choices!

A M Healthcare Enterprises is best suited to meet your home care needs because it is founded on the premise of breaking down barriers for people with disabilities to live in a free society. There’s no better place to find qualified and compassionate staff to provide care in your home. Let us help you find services that will enable you to continue to be surrounded by your loved ones and their support.

Thank you for your interest in A M Healthcare Enterprises. It’s would be a privilege to serve your family and to provide you with the peace and comfort of knowing your loved one is being taken care of as though you were there!


Angela Bowlson


Did You Know...

A M Healthcare is a member of the Alzheimer’s Association and offers a 10% discount To all that qualify.

A M Healthcare full-service Adult Day Care is now open and has been open since 2015. Hours are 7-5. We will provide transportation, activities, meals, and fun outings.

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We provide services for:

  • Personal Care/Homemaker Chores
  • Advanced Personal Care (APC)
  • Private Duty Nursing Adults/Pediatrics
  • Healthy Young Children (HYC)
  • Mental Health
  • Nurse Visits
  • Social Services
  • Alzheimer’s Care
  • Respite
  • Adult Daycare

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